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Advanced Diploma in Integrative Counselling

Accredited by the British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy (BACP)

  • Outstanding individual support.
  • Unique classroom setting (experiential and theoretical).
  • Gain professional qualification in order to practice as a therapist.

Course Details

Iron Mill College welcomes all those who enjoy environments of learning with class discussions, and opportunities for self-reflection, self -awareness and research activity. We encourage and support both the self-examination and learning process of our students and have over many years established an excellent reputation for our BACP Accredited Advanced Diploma in Integrative Counselling.

Essential components of the diploma are focused on building meaningful relationships, integrating counselling knowledge and offering students a wide range of applied skills relevant for those who seek a professional counselling qualification.

Our diploma promotes creativity, and experiential learning amid an atmosphere of community where we are committed to assisting in the development of students individual growth as a counsellor, with an emphasis on active participation within the counselling profession.


This course is accredited by the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP). It has been accredited since June 1998.

The Advanced Diploma in Integrative Counselling consists of:

  • 400 taught contact hours.
  • Completion of 150 placement hours (subject passing the competence to practice document).
  • 40 hours of personal therapy.
  • face to face supervision to the required standards and amounts.
  • Successful completion of all course requirements exactly as listed on the pre-viva criteria checklist.
  • The viva examination.

Award: BACP Accredited Advanced Diploma in Integrative Counselling (subject to successful completion of a Viva Examination).

NB: In order to meet all of the above requirements and to allow time for the pre-viva assessment process, the earliest possible date that students may take their viva, following the end of the taught course, is November (for those on Weekday courses) and July (for Easter intake courses). This means that, all conditions being successfully passed, your award will take a minimum of 2 years and 4 months to achieve (subject to exact viva dates), and cannot be completed any earlier. All students must have successfully achieved their award within 4 years of the start date of their course (please see the mitigating circumstances policy).

: BACP Accredited Advanced Diploma in Integrative Counselling (subject to successful completion of a Viva Examination).

Venue: Exeter and Poole


Exeter Intakes


Spring 2017 intakes:

Weekdays (10.00am - 5.15pm)

Start Date: 22nd and 23rd April (Introductory Weekend). F
ull course dates available in 'Download' section of this web page.

Poole Intakes

Spring 2017 intake:

Weekdays (10.00am - 5.15pm)

Start Date: 27th April and 4th May (Introductory Days). Full course dates available in 'Download' section of this web page.

If you are interested in signing up for this course, we recommend that you attend one of our Taster Days.

Applicants for this course must already hold:


  • Minimum 90 Hour Certificate in Counselling


  • Professional training that included 90 hours of counselling skills training

If you are applying with a certificate in counselling from an alternative training venue, we will need to have evidence of this. Your certificates will need to detail the number of training hours. I
f you are applying because your professional training included counselling training we will need to have evidence of your prior contact teaching in the form of counselling skills training, and the details of the number of hours spent in counselling skills training.

Sadly distance learning will not meet our entry requirements, as there are limited, if any, formal contacts between the tutor and student and with other students.

It is not possible to undertake our Advanced Diploma in Integrative Counselling at the same time as our Certificate in Counselling. You may, however, apply for the Advanced Diploma while undertaking the Certificate course, if it is due to be completed before the Diploma intake you are applying for begins. In those circumstances, any offer of a place on the Diploma would be subject to successful completion of the Certificate course.

How to apply:

You can apply by submitting the following documents and items:

  • Advanced Diploma in Integrative Counselling Application Form (available to download from 'Download' section of this web page).
  • Passport/Webcam Style Photo
  • A 1,000 word essay entitled: "Describe your decision to apply for this course and what challenges and opportunities you believe it holds for you."
  • CV and copies of your 90 hour Certificate in Counselling (or equivalent, including proof of hours of study), any other relevant professional qualification certificates you've mentioned in your application, and any higher education certificates you have (i.e. degree-level, equivalent, or above).
  • A Personal Reference returned to us by your Personal Referee (reference request form available to download from 'Download' section of this web page).
  • A Professional Reference returned to us by your Professional Referee (reference request form available to download from 'Download' section of this web page).

You will also need to pay a £100 Application Fee, prior to attending an interview.

Selection for interview:

Selection is on the basis of information provided in your application (as above). The following criteria is also taken into account:

  • Formal qualifications and experience

  • Evidence of written English

  • Commitment and enthusiasm for counselling

  • Maturity and stability

  • Resilience

  • Self-awareness

We will send you an invitation to come for an interview once
these documents are in place.

In preparation for interview you are advised to look at the BACP website and the BACP Ethical Framework, which lists the values and personal qualities expected of counsellors

At interview:

You will need to allow up to 3 hours for your interview and this will take the form of a group interview, followed by individual interviews. You will need to demonstrate to us your interpersonal skills and your relational capacity to effectively participate with others, with an awareness of difference and equality within the group environment.

Throughout the interview you will be invited to reflect upon your prior life experiences by using your self-awareness, your skills in self-reflection and maturity, using personal examples of how you have integrated your responses to those experiences. You will need to evidence your ability to engage with the academic requirements of the programme. Your application will necessitate you to be at the right time in your life, so you are able to engage fully with the training.

We will be looking for the following qualities (as identified in the BACP Gold Book 2009):

  • Self-awareness, maturity and stability

  • Ability to make use of and reflect upon life experience

  • Capacity to cope with the emotional demands of the course

  • Ability to cope with the intellectual and academic requirements

  • Ability to form a helping relationship

  • Ability to be self critical and use both positive and negative feedback

  • Awareness of the nature of prejudice and oppression

  • Awareness of issues of difference and equality

  • Ability to recognise the need for personal and professional support

  • Competence in, or the aptitude to develop generic professional skills, including: literacy, numeracy, information technology, administrative skills, self management skills, communication and interpersonal skills.

We thank you for attending the interview and will write to you outlining the outcome of your interview.

The academic requirements of the Advanced Diploma require you to have sufficient IT skills to complete the course.

We ask you to note on your application any diagnosed learning difficulty, e.g. dyslexia, so that we can provide you with advice and support concerning any learning difficulties that they may encounter.

Please note:

Our agreement with you covers the period of your training however progression through the Advanced Diploma is not automatic and is subject to the satisfactory completion of the course requirements, including minimum attendance, personal development, assessments and meeting the criteria for placement. We reserve the right to defer a student or terminate their training based upon our professional experience.

What our Students Say

"The balance of the skills and theory taught and what other students bring to the group provides a rich learning environment, which is great for all types of students!"
Antoinette Buisman - Advanced Transactional Analysis Student

What our Students Say

“A terrific learning experience and very enjoyable. You don't need to be an academic, plenty of hands-on practice.”
Ruth Cutts - Certificate & Advanced Diploma in Integrative Counselling Graduate
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