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Psychological Mosaic

Professional Certificate in Adlerian Counselling

This 4 day workshop (2 weekends), available in Poole and Exeter, offers an introduction to Individual Psychology – the theory of Alfred Adler.

  • Covers the benefits of Adlerian theory and its application, led by an experienced practitioner who has particularly used it in work with young people.
  • The course includes experiential learning with a focus on putting theory into practice.
  • Participant can enjoy learning through the down-to-earth language of Adler and his common sense ideas.

Course Details

Key features:

  • Begins by looking at the life of Adler and exploring his ideas.
  • Includes the 5 basic tenets of Adler's theory – social embeddedness, biased apperception, creativity, purposive behaviour and holism, following which subsidiary aspects will be explained.
  • The concept of “lifestyle” will be explored by participants experiencing a “lifestyle assessment”.

Our CPD workshops are open to anyone who is interested in the subject matter, wants to develop their skills and expand their knowledge. This workshop is particularly aimed at counsellors, psychotherapists and those in helping professions who work therapeutically with others.

How to apply:

Simply sign up using the booking form on this web page - supplying the requested details and paying the applicable fee (please see the 'Fees' tab for further information and details of other ways to pay). 


What our Students Say

"I learned more about myself on this course, than in 7 years of psychotherapy and made some good new friends too. Stimulating, challenging, and enjoyable course."
Certificate in Counselling Graduate

What our Students Say

"The course works so well because of the cohesion that exists between like minded, intelligent, capable, committed fellow students and by keeping a consistent TA-based approach in view at all times."
Certificate in Counselling Graduate
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