Working Therapeutically with Neurodivergent Children

1-day workshop | 10th February 2024 | Heather Jenkin | Poole

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This course will explore the different forms of Neurodivergence that children can present with and outline effective ways to adapt therapeutic practice when working with such children. 

Heather Jenkin

Drawing on neuroscience, this day will outline the value of working with a child’s nervous system, illustrating the regulatory benefit of understanding each child’s unique sensory needs. Using a polyvagal lens, the session will look at practical therapeutic tools that practitioners can learn to help children and young people to regulate and with whom have sensory processing difficulties. Drawing on research, the session will look at the importance of understanding children’s language abilities and specific executive skills in order to help implement the right therapeutic support. The session aims to look at neurodivergence-informed therapeutic tools that consider children’s language abilities and executive skills functioning.

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Key benefits

1.Define commonly encountered forms of neurodiversity

2. Understanding the sensory needs for a child with neurodiversity.

3. Learn tools to help regulate the nervous system.

4. Understanding the importance of a child’s executive functioning system and its potential impact on their social and emotional difficulties.

5. Learn tools to help build language skills and support executive functioning.

Who should attend this workshop

Trainee and qualified counsellors and psychotherapists, helping professionals, school staff and  parents

Workshop dates and cost

Saturday 10th February 2024 from 10pm-5pm at our Poole Campus.

Non-IMC delegates = £80.00
IMC Students in Advanced Training = £40.00
IMC Students/Graduates = £60.00

Meet Heather Jenkin

Heather originally trained as a social worker at Exeter University and went on to specialise as a child and adolescent therapist. She has over 20 years’ experience in working with children who are neurodiverse, Most of the Heather’s work is informed by neuroscience, she takes a particular interest in Bruce Perry’s neurosequential model and applying different models of therapy depending on the stages and development of the child’s brain. For instance, sensory based creative therapy using water, animal assisted therapy and a range of creative materials, can often help a child regulate to be able to engage in another appropriate therapeutic modality to fit the child's therapeutic journey.


Bsc Sociology/ Psychology (2.1)
MA/ Dip Social Work
PGdip Play and Creative Arts therapy
Diploma Clinical Creative Supervision
Dip Creative CBT
Dip Transpersonal Psychotherapy
DDP informed level 1 and 2
Specialist training in ASD and ADHD

What our sudents say : "Heather is just incredible, her knowledge and experience is just a gift, she has the right paced energy and passion for working as a therapist and teacher.  She held and supported the group through beautifully and brought so much fun to the learning"

Course Venues:   Exeter   |   Poole   

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