Learning with Iron Mill College in 2021 and beyond 

When the COVID-19 lockdown was announced, Iron Mill College successfully moved all learning onto our live online classrooms, with the support and enthusiasm of our wonderful staff and students who have since been sending in some fantastic feedback about their online learning experience. To our delight, the great warmth, mutual support, friendship, laughter, bonding, creativity and learning that we experienced in our attended groups are equally evident in our live online classroom groups. 

We are delighted to confirm that we now have a fully flexible learning system in place which will allow a gradual and safe return to attended teaching across the coming academic year. Our fully flexible system can be adjusted in response to the progress of COVID-19, to maximise the amount of physical teaching that can safely occur at any given time. If there are times when the risk is deemed higher in the region, you will be learning with your tutor and your group in our live online classrooms. When the risk is deemed to be reducing, we will resume and gradually increase the number of students who can physically attend the college for skills sessions and learning activities, in carefully managed small ‘family group’ areas, while others in the group participate ‘in real time’ online.  We believe that this blended form of higher/ further education teaching is likely to become ‘the new normal’ across the UK and beyond, and we can already see that it is bringing advantages and opportunities for our students. Our professional accrediting bodies for these reasons fully support the use of flexible learning styles during the pandemic to allow continuity of learning while keeping people safe. 

Please be assured that we respect individual circumstances: individual students may opt to participate online-only during ‘IMC Phase 2’, if they or a member of their household are shielding or vulnerable. When ‘IMC Phase 3’ begins, all students will be required to participate equally in attendance on rota unless they are self-isolating, unwell, or can provide medical evidence that they must remain fully shielded at that time. If a student’s ongoing lack of physical attendance means they will be unlikely or unable to meet the College and the Accrediting Body requirements for the programme award, we will provide a deferral opportunity. If you would like to discuss your own situation in relation to the course of your choice, please do contact us and we will be happy to help. 

We will be in touch with all applicants to provide further information prior to the start of the course and look forward to welcoming all new students to our exiting, creative and well-supported professional learning community! 


What our Students Say

"The balance of the skills and theory taught and what other students bring to the group provides a rich learning environment, which is great for all types of students!"
Antoinette Buisman - Advanced Transactional Analysis Student

What our Students Say

"The course works so well because of the cohesion that exists between like minded, intelligent, capable, committed fellow students and by keeping a consistent TA-based approach in view at all times."
Certificate in Counselling Graduate
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