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Job Title:

External Quality Assessor 


Iron Mill College, Exeter and Poole 


The role will require attendance of 4 days p.a., and further scrutiny and report-writing time worked off-site as required. The dates of attendance and off-site work are agreed at the start of each academic year and are negotiable according to the availability of the EQA.


The role holder will hold a term of office for 4 years, which may be extended subject to agreement by all parties. 

Start date:



This position is remunerated annually in July after the submission of the EQA report and is a fixed fee. The payment rate £250.00 per day. (*all-inclusive).   *all-inclusive of all associated ancillary costs, such as travel, accommodation, parking, etc. The EQA will conduct 6-half day visits per academic year at IMC Colleges and one day for off-site report-writing. (please see role details below) 

Annual total payable:

£750 (for 6 x half-day visits)
£250 (for 1 x day off-site report-writing)

*To be invoiced to Iron Mill College. Invoices are paid 28 days from the invoice date. Iron Mill College will not be liable for any Tax or National Insurance contributions payable on these amounts.

Responsible to:
                  Programme Lead         


You will be joining a friendly, supportive team, passionate about innovative and creative approaches to teaching and learning, within a successful, growing organisation that provides high quality support and inspiring learning experiences for their students. 

Role Descriptor

 Key Responsibilities

The role-holder will:

  • Be independent of Iron Mill College and its staff, with no conflict of interest
  • Have substantial experience in provision of training within the helping professions
  • A member of a professional body within the helping professions (either PSA registered body or a statutory regulated body)
  • Have experience in a role associated with assessment of standards, such as External Examiner, QA assessor etc.


The overall role and responsibilities of the External Quality Assessor (EQA) are to support the College in

Ensuring protocols and procedures are in place to protect and enhance quality of provision for the Advanced Diploma in Integrative Counselling which will also include:

  • engaging and respond to student feedback and the ongoing enhancement of the student experience.
  • ensuring that college and programme standards are consistently applied across cohorts and venues.
  • confirming that appropriate measures are in place to ensure accreditation criteria are met.
  • delivering an excellent service to students and to the community.


Role Details

The External Quality Assessor (EQA) will, following discussion with the College, identify specific areas for scrutiny during the academic year. In relation to those specific areas, the EQA will:

  • review and evaluate relevant policies, procedures, systems and processes
  • evaluate the development, maintenance and enhancement of college provision and activities
  • attend Course Management meetings as required from time to time with both staff and students
  • identify areas of strength and excellence as well as areas in need of focused attention for continuous improvement in the short, medium and long-term
  • attend on-site visits at an agreed time and duration to engage in various evaluative activities
  • produce an annual assessment report, which evaluates the effectiveness of the quality arrangements and processes by identifying areas of good practice and recommendations for improvement

Requirements for Reviews

In discussion with the EQA, the College will select specific areas for scrutiny at the start of each academic year. These include, but are not restricted to, the following items: 

  • Administrative Services and Support
  • Procedures, Systems and Processes
  • Infrastructure, Resources and Facilities
  • Technology and VLE
  • Training provision
  • Programme Review Processes
  • Accuracy of published information (website, handbooks etc)
  • Teaching and Learning
  • Placements
  • Assessment and Appeals Processes
  • Student Satisfaction
  • Equality and Diversity
  • Complaints Procedures
  • Mitigating Circumstances Procedures
  • PSRB (Professional, Statutory and Regulatory Bodies) involvement

 The role holder will need to be friendly, positive, efficient and professional, with the ability to work independently with good time management skills.

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Selection Method:                 45 -minute interview

To apply please forward your CV to jan.cavill@ironmill.co.uk

Course Venues:   Exeter   |   Poole   

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