Rosie Harris


Rosie Harris (360 × 413px) (1)Rosie is a Transactional Analyst Psychotherapist working in the Exeter area. Since 2016 she has been in private practice as well as working for the University of Exeter within their Wellbeing team

Rosie is trained in a relational approach to TA, with a focus on contact, embracing uncertainty and a strong model of understanding the development of self. She works both short and long term and takes special interest in working sensitively with intersectionality. She is dedicated to offering relational contact, enthusiasm for learning and awareness of individual needs in her approach. Rosie has been involved with the teaching team and promotion of the TA courses at the Iron Mill for several years and takes great pleasure in her work sharing TA with trainees.   TA has good tools for understanding internal and interpersonal patterns. Using an attuned and empathic approach, TA can be profound in understanding these relational patterns allowing clients to examine these with compassion and with consideration move forward. 

Qualifications: BSc Psychology from the University of Warwick, Certified Transactional Analyst with Psychotherapy specialty - CTA(P) 

Role: Lecturer on the TA Psychotherapy Foundation Course


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